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Ahletes use a handheld percussion massager
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What is a Handheld Percussion Massager and Are They Safe to Use?

A handheld percussion massager has short-duration pulses and the bursts of concentrated pressure work deep onto the muscles. This intensity would be difficult with a human hand massage. How do Percussion Massagers work? Many athletes use handheld percussion massagers after working out because the percussive pulses stimulate blood circulation and tenderize the muscles, therefore helping […]

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Pado Pure Wave – cm5 vs cm7 Percussion Massager

Pado Pure Wave handheld massagers- there are two models to choose from, one under $100 and the other is a little more. What is the difference between these two percussion massagers? This review takes a deep look at the features, advantages and disadvantages of each model. We have highlighted some of the benefits for specific […]