Are Car Seat Massagers Safe? Too Dangerous or Just the Job!

car seat massager cushion

At first glance a massager in your car may seem a luxury but are car seat massagers safe? We take a look at some of the pros and cons of using a portable massage cushion in your car. 

Having the option to put a massage cushion in your vehicle is much cheaper than buying a car with built in massage seat which is usually a premium feature. 

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Can Car Seat Massage Cushions Be Too Comfortable and Dangerous?

This may appear strange at first. If you are on a long car journey the appeal of have a constant massage on your back, neck and legs may seem harmless but it can lull you into a sleepy state. Obviously remaining aware and awake are a prerequisite to safe driving!

If you do decide to install a portable massage cushion in your car then perhaps limiting the time you have it switched on would be sensible.

Switch it on for maybe ten minutes every hour or so rather than constantly on… if you want to arrive safely at your chosen destination. 

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Do Car Massager Cushions Cause Pain?

If you suffer from cramping legs on a long car journey the intensity of the massage from one of these products could cause even more pain. If you are busy driving and suddenly feel pain you may find it difficult to switch it off.

It may be better to wait for your massage until you get home if you regularly experience cramping especially in your lower legs. It may be better to stop regularly and stretch your legs rather than rely on a massage cushion to stop the cramping.

Can Car Seat Massage Cushions Overheat?

As with all electrical appliances the chances of overheating need to be considered. This is especially true if you are driving a car!

If you leave the cushion switched on for long periods it is possible it could overheat although modern state of the art cushions are highly unlikely to overheat.

This is less likely to happen if you opt for one of the brand leaders with a proven track record for safety but even so you should still limit the amount of time it is working whilst you are driving.

It is easy to forget it is actually on if it is on a low setting.

Are Massage Seats Portable – Of Course!

Due to the design these massage seat cushions are very portable. If you drive for a living but not in your own vehicle, they are easily moved to another vehicle. They are designed to fit most modern car seats.

You can also have different types of massage cushion for each car seat. This may be good if you often have passengers.

Are Car Seat Massagers Safe For Children?

If ou have spent long jurneys with kids you know how challenging this can be! As young children will usually have a specific car seat which straps into the car then obviously a massage cushion will not be suitable. As far as I know there isn’t a baby car seat with added massage fascility. Though I could have done with one when my daughter was a baby… I spent many hours driving around our local park as she would only sleep in the car!

For older children, I would imagine teenagers would be more interested in their phone when in the car and spending as little time as possible talking to their parents. However, if an older teenager would like to have a massage cushion then they would have the same experience as an adult.

Do Car Seat Massagers Cause Too Much Vibration?

Vibration on tired aching muscles is effective but if you have the cushion working too long your muscles could become numb and tingly. This is not advised if you have to use your feet to drive! Not only can numbness be distracting it can hinder your motor movements.

Do Car Seat Massagers Ease Pain On Long Journeys?

Yes they can ease the pain and discomfort from sitting in one place for long hours. If the cushion is on the lowest setting it can help with blood flow and therefore movement of limbs… but not too long and not too harsh a massage works wonders!

A Good Quality Massage Cushion Can make Cheaper Cars Seem More Luxurious!

This is what I did when I was a nurse. Nurses don’t have luxury cars! But the massage cushion I chose seemed expensive at the time but the drive home was fabulous, even if I wasn’t too sure the car was actually going to make it home! Here is the link to the massage cushion I got on Amazon.

You Can Have Different Cushions For All Seats In Your Car

Yes you could have different types of massage cushion for each car seat. The non-drivers may have a better experience with the massage cushion than the driver as they don’t have to concentrate on the road ahead!

Car Seat Massager With Heat And Cooling

If you spend long hours in your car in hot weather there are massage cushions which have a cooling element to them. This can be very soothing even if you have air conditioning. If you often suffer from a sweaty lower back these cushions can reduce this significantly.

They aren’t stupidly expensive as a starter cushion either! This is an example of a car seat massage cushion with both heating and cooling properties on Amazon.

How To Install Massage Seat Cushions In A Car Safely

Most of the cushions have anchor attachments which fit through the back of the seat. These create a secure fit so your seat won’t slip from under you whilst you are driving.

It is important to regularly check these are correctly positioned but they are very simple to fit. Just follow the manufacturers directions.

Heated Car Back Support

If you don’t want a full seat massager cushion you can opt for the smaller lumbar support type. Many do have heat and cooling settings so you could start out with one of these then if you find i useful upgrade to the full seat. Here is a quality one I found on Amazon.

Are car seat massagers any good?

Yes I believe they are after using one for years. If you suffer from lower back pain especially and drive long hours they are a godsend.

My Favourite Seat Cushion For The Car

When I worked 12 hours shifts as a nurse and had a  hour car journey home… I don’t know why i did that either to be honest… but having a gentle warming massage cushion in my old car was a luxury! Though at times the massage and the added heat did motivate my digestive system… which could be inconvenient on a long journey!

Here is my favorite car seat massage cushion if you fancy a try. 🙂

Conclussion: Are Car Seat Massagers Safe?

Yes they are safe as long as you take into account all that has been said. They are fantastic for long journeys but I only ever have it switched on for ten minutes per hour and only when I am fully awake!

That may sound strange but many times we all drive tired… that isn’t great but it is a reality. So if you’ve just finished a nightshift or have been driving for hours then perhaps give it a miss.

Or you could just get one for your home chair or a massage chair so you can use it when you get home… with a foot spa is great!

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