Are Massage Chairs Bad for You and Are They Safe?

You may have wondered are massage chairs bad for you if you have tried one briefly and felt a little sore!

Many of the massage chairs in mall’s and spas are not set up for your specific needs. You may just want some gentle relaxation or need a thorough back massage.

Sitting in a massage chair for the first time can be a little scary as it’s obviously a new experience but if you decide to get one for your home then you will be able to work through the various programs at your leisure.

I wouldn’t advise going to the local mall to try out the experience and base your decision to buy one on this experience. You should definately try out a few different chairs if possible but there are a few thigs to consider.

Massage chair are not bad for you, they may be bad for helping with your issues if they are set up incorrectly or the massage is too intense at the beginning.

If you have never tried one before you could start out by buying a massage cushion. These are relatively inexpensive and will give you an idea of how a basic full body massage feels.

Massage cushions in no way can be compared to a top of the range full body zero gravity massage chair but they are good to start with. If you don’t like the feeling and relaxation you can get from a massage cushion, you are unlikely to get any benefit from an expensive massage chair.

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Can massage chair cause injury?

There is no evidence that a massage chair can cause injury. However, if you already have some injury it could make it worse. Knowing how the chair works and what intensity to choose is essential. You shouldn’t use it for more than 15 minutes for each massage session.

Are there any health issues using a massage chair?

If you have a history of DVT’S (deep vein thrombosis) or are fitted with a pacemaker you should consult your doctor before you use a massage chair especially if you have a history of blood clots. Many massage chairs have a leg massage incorporated into the chair. If you do have a clot this could be dislodged which is dangerous.

Are massage chairs supposed to hurt?

No they aren’t supposed to hurt! What would the point be to use something that hurts? You may experience some change in how your muscles feel if you aren’t used to exercise or using a massage chair.

Side-effects of massage chairs

There are many! They are perfect for both relaxation and therapy for tired or strained muscles.

You may feel some difference in your muscles after using the chair, especially if you are not used to using these muscles! If you stick to 15 minure sessions all should be good.

Are massage chairs bad for kids?

No they are just as beneficial for kids as they are for adults. Obviously very yong childgren unable to support themselves shouldn’t be placed in a massage chair! But this is common sense.

For older children there are no reasons why they shouldn’t enjoy a full body massage but they should be supervised, if only because these chairs are expensive so having your kids and their friends jumping up and down on them may cause some challenges!

Are massage chairs bad for sciatica or do they help?

No they can help to massage the muscles in your lower back which will increase blood flow, reduce inflammation on the sciatic nerve and boost the nutrients to this area.

Do massage chairs help circulation?

Yes any massage will help with circulation. But as mentioned above, if you have a history of DVT’s you should consult your doctor before you try the massage chair. There are massage chairs which do not have a leg and foot massager which may be a better choice for you.

Are massage chairs bad for arthritis?

This depends on the severity and type of arthritis. It is a very painful condition but the benefits of massage for arthritis has been researched and found to be better than just relying on medication.

Many experts advise their clients to use a massage chair to improve flexibility and induce a sense of well-being. Living with chronic pain has a detrimental effect on mental health so any way to find some peace is a positive.

What are the benefits of a chair massage?

massage chair benefits

There are many benefits to using Massage chairs

They induce relaxation, increae blood flow and movement of stiff muscles. There aren’t really any bad points to a massage chair apart from the cost and the size of the chair.

Not all households have the space for a large chair this is why I would advise trying out a massage chair cushion first before you go to the expense of buying a full body massage chair.

Though if you have the budget and the space then go for it!

Is it worth buying massage chair?

Definitely for all the benefits you could get from using it regularly. They are comfortable to sit on even if the massager isn’t switched on.

They are great to have in your living room or if you have the space, your home cinema or den.

How do I choose a massage chair?

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This will depend on your budget and amount of space you have to accommodate the chair. Do your research and buy the best choice in your price range.

There are full body massage chairs that are also leg and foot massagers such as the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair on Amazon.

Or a less sophisticated chair such as this on Amazon Mellcom Electric Massage Recliner Chair

How often should you use a massage chair?

Advice is to only use it for 15 minutes at a time. Then rest. You don’t need to sit in it for hours for the benefits it will give you. Any time spent will be well worth it!