Can You Use a Percussion Massager for Knots, Strains and Scar Tissue?

If you were wondering if you can use a percussion massager for knots, strains and scar tissue this article examines the effectiveness of handheld massage for health benefits.

Short answer to ‘Can You Use a Percussion Massager for Knots, Strains and Scar Tissue?’: Yes you can!

Long answer: Read on to see how you can do this and how effective percussive massage can be…

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Are percussion massagers good?

Yes they are very effective especially if you work out regularly, have knots, strains and scar tissue.

What is percussion massage used for?

They can penetrate deep into muscle fibres to increase blood flow, release toxins and promote recovery quicker than just waiting for your muscles to recover.

They are also used by athletes and regular gym users to ‘warm up’ the muscle groups which decreases the chance of injury.

How long should you use Percussion Massager?

Experts and percussion massager manufacturers recommend you should only use the massage gun for a “minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes.”

How effective are percussion massagers?

Recent research has indicated that percussion therapy will help treat muscle fibers up to 30x more effectively than a regular massage

Can massage get rid of knots?

Yes it can. However, the deep massage benefits from percussion, vibrating massage is much more effective and quicker.

Does a Percussion Massager get rid of knots?

Yes as the percussive mechanism can get deep into the muscle mass more effectively than manual massage. This helps to break up ‘knots’ in the muscle and increase recovery de to increased blood flow.

Increasing blood flow oxygenates the tissues and allows toxins to reduce making healing easier and quicker.

Does massaging knots release toxins?

Yes it does. Massage releases lymph fluid which in turn travels through the liver which is where oxidation takes place. This breaks the toxins down, makes them soluble in water which means they can be excreted from the body by the kidneys.

Does a Percussion Massager break up scar tissue?

Percussion massage therapy helps relax the thickened connective tissue in the muscles and other structures. This helps break down any adhesions and internal scar tissue.

The improved circulation in the veins and lymphatic system enhances flexibility because of the percussive deep massage. This is due to both gentle stretching and increased range of movement.

Does a Percussion Massager help muscle strain?

If you have an actual injury you shouldn’t use a percussion massager to try to speed up recovery. You could do more damage.

A gentle traditional massage will help to get blood flow, oxygenation and lymph flow but anything too aggressive may make the strain worse. Sometimes you just have to rest!

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