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ijoy massage chair 2580

In 2013, the ijoy 2580 massage chair was Consumer Digest’s Best Buy. In terms of price and quality, many people consider this machine ijoy’s top model. It can still compete with the heavy hitters in the massage chair industry.

The ijoy 2580 massage chair enjoys these positive reviews because of the host of amazing features it boasts.

For instance, the machine has a low-seated chair that is made of suede materials and faux leather for easy cleaning after using. Additional amenities such as auxiliary power outlet, cup holder, and removable softening pad helps to mold the machine into your precise lifestyle needs. Read on to learn more about the ijoy 2580 massage chair.

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Can You Use The ijoy 2580 If You Are Pregnant?

A good number of companies that manufacture massage chairs warn you against using them when you are expectant. These companies cite two main reasons:

Pressure joints – Stressing the different pressure joints within the body might lead to premature labor.

Heating pad – Many massage chairs bring with them heating pads, which can raise the body’s temperature. An increase in the body temperature while pregnant might spike your baby’s heart rate as well as cause cardiovascular issues.

As much as some companies warn against the use of massage chairs while pregnant, others recommend it for the following reasons:

Eases back painVibrating massage chairs usually work wonders to relieve back pain. Research indicates that massage chairs help circulate blood in your upper body, relieve cramps and pain.

Doesn’t jar the body – Most expectant women fear that the vibrations related to a massage chair might harm their unborn baby. Nonetheless, vibration from these machines moves your body just like walking. The massage can cause more good than harm to your child.

Pregnant women can use the ijoy 2580 massage chair. Nonetheless, here are some important things to know when using it during pregnancy:

  • Refrain from using massage in your first trimester
  • Limit the amount of time you spend on the chair
  • On your third trimester, do not put too much pressure on the growing belly

It is advisable to avoid using this massage chair if you have high-risk pregnancy, history of preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, or severe headaches.

Can The ijoy 2580 Fit Into My Home?

ijoy 2580

The chair’s stylish design ensures you can keep it in your living room just like any other fashionable interior design element. Its size is also favorable to most modern rooms. The machine’s appealing design washes away any need for hiding it. It can fit/match perfectly with any décor.

Who Is The ijoy 2580 Chair NOT For?

The ijoy 2580 massage chair is not intended for tall or large-sized users. Individuals above 5”7 might find the need to slouch in the chair to enjoy maximum benefits from the machine.

Who is this chair for?

The ijoy 2580 massage chair is for everyone that values his or her health.

Features of the ijoy 2580

Built-In Control Panel

The machine’s control panel is installed into the armrest, within your reach, thus making sure you have an easy time changing between massage programs. The control options are user-friendly. Since the panel is inbuilt, you do not have to worry about misplacing it. Simply put, controlling this chair is effortless.

3 Unique Auto-Massage Programs

The machine brings with it three invigorating auto-massage programs that help relieve your shoulders and neck, refresh your entire back as well as release your lower back.

Power Outlet

To make your life even more comfortable, the chair features a power outlet that you can use to work on your laptop, charge your phone, or listen to music using your iPod. Power any device in the power outlet and have an entertaining massage session on the chair.

Rocking Motion- Compression Mode

The compression mode works as an effective deep massage by spreading into wider muscle areas. The machine’s compressions rocking motion decompresses joints within your spine. Rocking motion also assists the body to heal after a rigorous activity.

Percussion Mode

The percussion mode creates some sort of a rapid-style alternating tapping which helps relieve pressure along your spinal column and stimulate muscles.

Kneading Mode

The kneading mode relieves sore muscles. It does this by lifting your skin and pressing into the muscles.

Refresh Entire Back Mode

The ‘refresh entire back’ mode utilizes the roller bar to offer constant pressure on the back. By providing pressure on your back constantly, it helps relieve muscle tension and improve circulation throughout the back. Such a feature is excellent for releasing all the trapped tension at the lower back.

Powerful Recline

With this feature, users are able to assume a comfortable and relaxing position while using the machine.

Pros and Cons

Cons of the ijoy 2580 massage chair

Here are the two drawbacks of this machine:

Low to the ground – According to some people, the fact that the chair is low to the ground might be uncomfortable to tall individuals.

No foot massage feature – Besides the shoulder and back massage programs the chair offers, it would be more comfortable and convenient if the manufacturer had included a foot massage feature.

Purchasing options

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The chair has a 2-year limited warranty that cushions you against any potential issues.


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Through the help of this incredible massage machine, you can surely enjoy a great massage session right in the comfort of your home. Whether you utilize it after work at home, when watching your favorite show, after a rigorous workout, when listening to music or reading a book, there is no doubt that the ijoy 2580 massage chair can bless you with a memorable relaxation moment.

A massage session on this chair not only leaves your body feeling more energetic, relaxed, and refreshed, it also makes you feel great. You deserve a moment to yourself, right?

Although the chair has two minor drawbacks, you should not find them as deal breakers. The chair is a highly cost effective product that provides everything good a massage chair should; simple control options, the possibility of adjusting its angle, and a strong, pleasant massage.

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