Is It Worth Buying a Massage Chair? Buyers Guide 2020

If you are wondering if it is worth buying a massage chair, the average cost of a professional massage is $45 – $200, the average massage chair cost to buy is $2500. So it could pay for itself within a year or less if you had one professional massage per week.

Have you been considering buying a massage chair? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth buying a massage chair. Is it a good investment?

Now we have Social Distancing due to Covid-19, who knows when or if life will get back to where it was early 2020. So getting a regular massage is more difficult and potentially risky. Plus, the average cost of a massage chair is $2500. The average cost for a professional massage is $45 – $200. So an average massage chair will pay for itself after 3 months to a year depending on how much you would normally pay for a massage.

We’re going to dig into the topic a little deeper and give you all the tips you’ll need if you decide to go ahead with the purchase, and things to avoid.

Massage chairs are a big investment. You’re probably wondering if you’ll use it enough to justify the expense. If you’re considering purchasing one, the top priority is in getting a good-quality product.

If you are thinking of buying a massage chair don’t simply compare prices. Consider size and where you’ll place it, your specific needs, health, relaxation, rehabilitation? What modalities offered, as well as what options are offered, like pre-set sessions or being able to create your own.

If you’d like to learn more about why buying a massage chair is a great choice, keep reading. You don’t want to miss details that are often overlooked.

Should I Buy a Massage Chair? Are they Worth the Money?

It’s first important to know your purpose in buying a massage chair. If you have a painful condition that can be aggravated by massage, it’s important to strike this purchase off your list until you’ve spoken with a doctor.

is it worth buying a massage chair for relaxation

With that being said, massage chairs offer great relief for chronic pain sufferers, those who are actively inclined or fitness buffs that need to soothe aching muscles after a workout, or for simple relaxation purposes.

Because there are so many different variations of massage chairs, you’ll want to consider not only how often you’ll use the chair, but also if you have space for a larger unit.

If not, maybe consider a portable unit that straps to an office chair. If you’ve got the space, and are looking to treat yourself, a massage chair is an amazing gift your body and mind will adore.

The ability to settle into a comfortable massage chair at the end of a stressful day is luxury at its best. Sink in, let the chair do its magic, and you’re instantly transformed.

There are even settings that offer heat with the massage, so if you want to enhance the experience, consider opting for this added choice. It’s built in on many, but not all units.

Jot down a list of things that appeal to you, so when it comes time to pick out a massage chair, you find the right one to suit your needs.

What You Should Look for in a Massage Chair if You are Buying One.

There are important factors to consider when choosing a massage chair. If you jump too quickly, you may end up choosing a model you regret. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. So, what are some of the things you’ll want to look for?

  • Good reviews
  • A solid motor
  • The right size for your living space
  • What materials are used
  • A strong warranty
  • What options such as heat or pre-set settings are available
  • Cost, what is within your budget

It goes without saying, read reviews if they’re available. What may or may not be mentioned on the specs or listing is sometimes hinted at in reviews.

  • Were people generally satisfied?
  • Do they love the purchase?
  • Do they wish they’d chosen a different option?

The few minutes it takes for you to read the reviews will reveal details you’ll be glad you know.

Osaki is one of the major manufacturers of massage chair … here is a video of one of their latest models… space age and futuristic if a little pricey!

Here is a link to a review of the Osaki os-4000

Massage Chair Options

Massage has many benefits from stress, pain, and muscle relief to posture improvement, helping reduce anxiety in some people, and of course relaxation. Depending on your needs, and how often you like to have a professional massage, it may be worth you buying a massage chair for your home.

Did you know that massage also helps your circulation? And, we’re merely touching the tip of the iceberg. Your well-being is about taking care of yourself, and there’s no better way than to enjoy a healthy massage.

Massage chair motors: You’re going to want to consider not only how many motors a massage chair offers, but how strong they are. You’ll adapt to the settings, and over time may want a higher setting. Don’t choose a product that has an inferior motor.

Massage chair heat settings: When looking at different units with heat, opt for infrared heat which will produce a better overall result than other heating elements.

Modalities: Modality refers to the type of massage. Some people prefer a kneading motion, while others prefer a rolling motion. Most chairs offer multiple modalities, but knowing you have multiple choices will help you pick a favorite.

Don’t get stuck with only one setting and finding out it’s not one you’d hoped for. A wide range offers the most versatility, so based on your need at the moment, you can adapt the settings.

Materials: Find out what materials are used, both inside and outside. Do you want leather, a leather-look, and what kind of air bags do they use, and how many?

Consider how much you’ll be using the chair, if the chair has weight restrictions if this is an issue for a family member, and durability. If you’re investing in a nice unit, you want it to last.

Choosing Your Massage Chair: What Size Has to Do with It

Here are a few other things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a massage chair model.

  • What type of space will you need for the unit?
  • Does it recline?
  • How far from the wall does it need to be placed?
  • Do you have an area that makes it easy to plug in, and isn’t in a high traffic area where it might stick out and be in the way?

If you have smaller living spaces or room, you may want to consider a low-profile massage chair, or something narrower. Here’s another important factor…will it fit through the front door?

Some of the massage chair units are quite large. Make sure you’ll be able to manoeuvre it to the area you’re hoping for by measuring the dimensions you’ll be passing through.

How Much Should I Spend on a Massage Chair if Buying One for Your Home?

is it worth buying a massage chair

While you’re the only one who truly knows your budget, consider that mid-range massage chairs run about $2,500 to $6,000. Now, there are cheaper options, and uber-luxurious top of the line models that can cost thousands more. But the average price is right in that range.

So if you are still wondering if it is worth buying a massage chair we take a look at what to consider.

Let’s look at what’s worth spending money on, and what isn’t a priority.

If you regularly frequent the spa or massage studio, prices add up over time. So, while you’ll have a large investment upfront, it may well pay for itself faster than you expect.

Between the cost of a massage, tip, driving back and forth and time involved, having a unit in your home is looking better all the time.

The technology involved in massage chairs continually improves and adds new levels of comfort.

What’s the difference between a $9,000 massage chair and a $3,000 one? It depends on the company, but you might have a zero-gravity option in the higher end unit.

There may be more heat settings such as levels, or in different areas in the higher priced option, where as the lower priced unit might only offer heat in the lumbar section of the chair.

Leg massage may be part of the higher priced unit, while the lower priced one doesn’t offer leg massage, or it’s very limited. Some of the top-line units offer even more options like air ionizers, 3D technology, light therapy, or air compression therapy.

I’m pretty sure when you’re not looking, it also gets up and does the dishes, too! Okay, maybe not…no promises there.

The following is a brief overview of some of the features at different price points…

under $500
63.4lbs26″ x 36″ x 36″unknown35 4
$500 – $1000
151lbs45.3″ x 30.3″ x 47.3″3 yearsVarious levels mix & match432
Real Relax
$500 – $1000
217lbs29.9″ x 31″ x 68″1 year6 auto plus manual450
Kahuna LM60800
$1000 – $2000
249lbs60″ x 27″ x 32″3 years6 auto plus manual528
Osaki os-4000
$2000 – $3000
213 lbs52″
x 31″ x 34″
3 years5638
Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D
$5000 – $7000
366lbs44.5″ x 30.2″ x 47.2″ 3 years100’s!9167

Massage Chairs: What to Avoid When Buying One

Now that you know what to look for in a massage chair, the options available to you, and things such as size, cost, materials, and more, what might you want to avoid?

You’ve read the reviews, they seem okay, maybe a little mixed, but what should be a red flag?

How is the company’s customer service if there’s an issue? See how people are being treated if a problem occurs. This says a lot about a company and how they stand behind their products or not.

Check the brand’s reputation, as well as the store you’re purchasing from. Check places like the Better Business Bureau and look for online trusted review sites.

What kind of warranty comes with your massage chair? What does it cover, and how long is it good for? Have there been any recall issues? Is it a new unit? Refurbished? Showroom demo? Know what you’re getting. Ask questions of the supplier.

And lastly, when you find the perfect massage chair for you needs—relax and enjoy it.

So, to answer the question, is it worth buying a massage chair? Yes, absolutely, as long as you know what to look for, go through a reputable dealer, and understand the warranty and any service repair issues, you’re golden!

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