Massage Cushion Benefits for Back, Sciatica and Pregnancy

So what are the massage cushion benefits for your health and well-being?

There are a 101 plus different massage cushions or massage pads available to buy. Here is a roundup of the major benefits from these products for some of the main health issues people suffer from and want relief from.

Are Massage Cushions Good For You

Yes they are. From extensive research it is clear that all forms of massage can benefit a number of physical and mental health issues. Not only will they increase blood flow, reduce the chances of a DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis) but they can improve posture too.

Different Types of Massage Cushion

There are two types of massage cushion, one is a pad which fits on top of your chair, car seat or couch. The other is a type of pillow which sits on your chair or at the back of your neck.

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How Does A Massage Cushion Work?

The individual pockets have rollers or nodes that rotate to mimic a shiatsu massage. The chair pads often have rollers that roll up and down to mimic a Swedish massage.

How Often Should You Use It

They are safe to use every day but advice is not to use gor longer than 15 minutes for each session to prevent bruising.

How Long Do Massage Cushions Last?

This of course depends on how much you use it, how you care for it, if you have kids who will mess with it! As with most electrical equipment, the better the manufacture of the product the more robust it will be. They cost between $30 – $500plus. So you could start with a budget model such as the HealthmateForever Pressure Activated Massage Pillow or the HoMedics Massage Comfort Cushion with Heat

Is It Safe to Sleep On A Massage Cushion?

No sleeping on these cushions is not advised due to the intensity of the massg. You may wake up with bruises rather than feeling relaxed! If you want a massage.

If you are looking for a full back and neck massage whilst lying down you could try the Full Body Vibrating Mat and Shiatsu Neck Massager or you could try a Grounded Beauty Single Sleep Mat (not a massage cushion but does induce sleep and relaxation) Ir you could use your massage cushion with a foot massager then go to bed with your grounded sheet… perfect sleep!

What Types Of Features Are Available?

Many of the pads and cushions have added heat. They also usually have a remote control to make it easier to use and change the settings without moving too much.

They also give different types of massage such as Shiatsu, Swedish and even percussion.

Massage cushion benefits for lower back

The rolling mechanism plus the heat features increase blood flow to the lower back, increase lymph drainage and relaxation. Research has shown the benefits of massage for lower back pain. T

he pillow massager cushions may be the best type to use as you can tuck them into the lumbar area whilst sitting on a chair. Great if you sit at an office chair for hours.

You need only switch the massage mechanism on intermittently but the extra support from the pillow will help reduce strain on the lower back.

Massage Cushion Benefits for Upper Back

As with lower back pain, the benefits for the upper back and neck are proven by research. If you want a full back massage including your neck then the chair pad design may be most beneficial for you.

Massage Cushion Benefits for Buttocks

The full chair massage cushion design will work very well to relieve pressure on the buttocks. You shouldn’t have it switched on for too long but they are great pressure relief.

Massage Cushion Benefits for Sciatica

Massage on the lower back and buttocks can help reduce sciatica pain as it relaxes muscles in the lower back and buttocks.

The massage motion increases blood flow and movement of lymph and therefore toxins. Loosening up the muscles of the lower back and core muscles releases pressure on the sciatic nerve which cause the shooting pains.

Massage Cushion for Neck Pain

There are probably better neck massagers available such as the Ben Belle Neck Massager. Bur one of the curved massage cushions will give a relatively good massage to the neck.

Massage Cushions Can Reduce Shoulder Pain

Some of the massage chair pads are designed to massage the shoulder areas. They can massage out the knots often found in the neck and shoulder areas which are usually due to stress. This is one reason to have a massage cushion pad for your office chair.

Massage Cushion Benefits for Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy is advocated by many medical professionals. It eases stiff muscles and induces relaxation. If the mother is relaxed…. the baby is relaxed. Plus you need some pampering whilst you’re pregnant!

Massage Can Reduce Stress

Using one of these massage pads or cushions will reduce stress especially if you use it regularly. Stress is a silent killer and reducing it can only be a good thing for you, your family and everyone around you. If you can use more natural therapies to reduce stress you are less likely to need to see your doctor for prescribed medication.

Reduce Headaches with a Massage Cushion

Tension headaches and migraines are debilitating. By relaxing muscles and inducing general relaxation, alleviating trigger points and increasing blood flow will help to reduce the instances of headaches and head and neck pain.

Lower Arthritic Pain and Improve Mobility

If you suffer from arthritis you should consult your doctor before using any form of massage as the pressure may make the condition and the pain worse.

Many people do enjoy a gentle massage as it is obviously relaxing and has positive effects on endorphin levels. Massage can also affect the “production of certain hormones linked to blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate and other key vital signs.”

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