Pado Pure Wave – cm5 vs cm7 Percussion Massager

There are two Pado Pure Wave handheld massagers to choose from, one under $100 and the other is a little more.

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**As of January 2020 the cm5 is no longer available**

What is the difference between these two percussion massagers?

This review takes a deep look at the features, advantages and disadvantages of each model. We have highlighted some of the benefits for specific problem conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, upper back pain, cervicogenic headaches and tennis elbow.


Pure Wave Reviews – Cm5 and cm7

We are comparing apples with apples here rather than apples with oranges!

The two pado massagers are similar at first sight but there are some significant differences or upgrades depending on your point of view.

The following table highlights the main differences between the two. If you read on past the table there is a more detailed review of each massage machine plus some discussion on how the pado machines can help certain physical ailments and conditions.


Pado Pure Wave cm5

Here are the main features of this handheld massager in more detail.

  • Weight – 1.65 lbs.
  • Size – 14.75″L x 2.75″W x 4″H
  • Massage Speed – 3700RPM
  • Cordless – Yes
  • Voltage –  2200mA 18650 x 2 Cell
  • Massage Modes –  Adjustable speed
  • Massage heads – 3
  • Infrared Treatment – No
  • How noisy is it?  A gentle hum 
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime? – Yes
  • Warranty –   1 year warranty.
  • Where is it manufactured? – USA
  • Which area  of body is it best for? – All areas are easily reached because of the design of the long handle
  • Aggregate Customer reviews – 4.⅘

How easy is it to use?

This massager is very easy to use due to its size, weight and reach of the handle, plus the variety of interchangeable heads.

Is the Purewave cm5 effective?

If used correctly with the attachments provided it does provide an effective deep tissue massage and the machine is fun to use!

Is it well built?

There are some reports of this machine being unreliable but on the whole it appears to stand up to regular use.

Bad points:

  • Battery needs to be kept charged
  • Some reports of poor customer service
  • Some questions of how robust this unit is as some have stopped working soon after purchasing
  • May be too heavy for some 
  • The effectiveness and depth of massage is not enough for some who use percussion massagers regularly

Good Points:

  • “massager gets deeper into the muscle tissue than any massager I’ve ever used”
  • “Great for treating sciatica and plantar fasciiis!”
  • “Used for muscle spasms and worked a treat!”
  • Cordless 
  • Easy to use
  • Vibration doesn’t travel through the handle


Overall a value for money massager with a variety of attachments and reasonable power.

Where to buy the cm5 – as of January 2020 this is no longer available but this comparison gives some idea of the improvements made for the Pado Pure Wave cm7 


Pado Pure Wave cm7 

Here are the main features of this handheld massager in more detail

  • Weight – 1.75 lb
  • Size – 16.5” L x 2.75” W x 3.5” H.
  • Massage Speed – 3,700 RPM / Facial micro-vibration motor on handle side operating up to 10,000 RPM
  • Cordless – Yes
  • Voltage –  BATTERY: 7.2 V Lithium-ion 2200mA 18650 x 2 Cell, CHARGE TIME: (1) one hour, CHARGE DURATION: 180 min continuous / 1 week @ 20-30 min use/day, PERCUSSION MOTOR: 7.2v
  • Massage Modes –  Variable speed (1,500 rpm – 3,700 rpm), FACIAL VIBRATION, MOTOR (CM7 only): 7.2 V, DC, FACIAL VIBRATION SPEED (CM7 only): Up to 11,000 rpm
  • Massage heads – 6
  • Infrared Treatment – No
  • How noisy is it?  – slightly noisier than the cm5
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime? – Yes
  • Warranty –   1 year
  • Where is it manufactured? – USA
  • Which area  of body is it best for? – All areas as the design of the long handle enables long teach even to your upper back.
  • Aggregate Customer reviews – 4.7 out of 5 stars

How easy is it to use?

It’s cordless and the long handle makes it easy to reach even the center of your back and the soles of your feet. 

Is the Pado cm7 effective?

This is a powerful percussion massager which is very effective if you want a deep tissue massage. Though some people may find the percussion massage a bit too harsh, there is a lot of choice in power levels so most people should have a positive experience of this machine. 

Some physical therapists and chiropractors have recommended this machine to clients as it is effective for issues such as plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain and even Cervicogenic headaches.

Is it well built?

This is a well built massage machine which feels sturdy and robust. 

Bad points:

Some users have reported the battery and charging capacity can be sketchy. Other reports have stated it is ‘dangerous’ but from closer inspection the user was using the massager and attachments incorrectly on their neck.

Good Points:

  • Portable
  • Design is well balanced
  • The motor is powerful and gives a 
  • Deep massage
  • Cordless which makes it very easy to use yourself.
  • It’s effective at treating a number of physical problems not just for relaxation
  • Reasonably priced given the quality of the product
  • 88% of over 200 reviews were 5 stared and 2% were 1 star


This is an updated version of the cm5 which has been a popular choice for a number of yours. Th cm7 has more power and more attachments for a wider variety of massagers. It is 2 massagers in one, for percussion and microvibration therapy

Take a closer look at the PUREWAVE™ CM-07

The difference between Pado Purewave cm5 and the cm7?

  • The cost – the cm7 is about $25-$30 more than the cm5
  • The power – The power of the motor mechanism is similar.
  • The features – the cm7 has Dual Percussion + Vibration Therapy. Micro-vibration massage for your face – this can help with TMJ and headaches.

One question you should ask yourself is if you need the extra capabilities of the cm7 over the cm5? That being said, it is only just over $20 more than the cm5 but it has a lot more features and power.


Pure wave pado – plantar fasciitis

Many people buy handheld massagers to help alleviate the pain from plantar fasciitis. Research has identified that percussive massagers have been found to be very effective in treating the heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. 

For a more detailed explanation of Plantar Fasciitis and percussion massagers read our article here.

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