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my favorite massage products

I have been a nurse for over 20 years so I have a nurses back and nurses sore feet!

I researched for over a year to find a massage chair which would suit me and my home so decided to collate the information in a blog/website.

There are a thousand different massage products to help with a myriad of problem areas. This is why I have expanded this blog to review different products and provide information on specific issues I suffer from and need help with… I hope some of the information I have researched will help you too!

I do approach all issues relating to massage, massage machines, gadgets and health effects of massage with a nursing perspective. Which means I use research and medical facts rather than opinion.

I have to be honest, I obviously haven’t purchased all of the products I review, but I do research all the information I can find and recommend which I would buy.

Reviews of massage machines, health benefits and some reasons to avoid specific massage are drawn from personal experience and anecdotal evidence from other users.