What Massage Equipment Can You Take On A Plane?

Are you planning to travel and are unsure about what massage equipment you can take on a plane without any issues?

Travelling with massage equipment on a plane could cause some difficulties. But after researching this for hours… here is a basic rundown of what is and isn’t allowed in hand luggage and checked luggage.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) or the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) have an extensive list of what massage equipment can be put in carry on luggage and what needs to be checked into the hold.

Here is a collated list of what massage equipment can and can’t be taken on a plane.

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Can I bring a handheld massager on the plane?

There shouldn’t be any problem if you take a spiky balls and stick rollers or non electrical massagers such as manual massage balls but always ask your airline if your particular massage equipment is allowed.

Can I bring a Percussion massager gun on the plane?

The simple asnswer is yes you can. However, it is up to the individual security staff to decide if you can take it onto the plane in your carry on baggage or in your hold luggage.

There are no specific guidelines about handheld massagers in either USA’s Transport Security Administration (TSA) or he UK’s Civil Aviation Authority(CAA.

If your handheld massage gun needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet the individual airline may have rules and guidelines. Most airlines will announce at the beginning of the flight regarding the use of electrical equipment.

If your massage gun has a lithium-ion batteries that power most of these devices.this could be the sticking point. but you should remove the batteries and have in your carry on baggage. Not checked in with your hold baggage.

There may be a chance of the battery overheating and obviously a fire on a plane isn’t great!

That being said…. it is still up to the individual security staff to either allow or bin your massage gun so if you can get some clarification on your specific massage gun from the TSA or CAA before you fly this could help the staff make a decision.

From the TSA Guidelines

Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval. One spare battery, not exceeding 300 watt hours, or two spare batteries, not exceeding 160 watt hours each, are permitted in carry-on bags.

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Some of the top percussion Massagers and rules when flying –


From Theragun

When traveling with your G3PRO, Lithium-ion batteries must be stored in carry-on baggage only. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate, all Lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.

Since G3 and liv devices have a built-in Lithium-ion battery, it must be stored in your carry-on baggage only.

While you are able to travel with your Theragun device and accessories in your carry-on luggage, it is at the discretion of the TSA officer to allow it through. Please feel free to share our website and social media with them if they are unfamiliar with our device.


There isn’t any specific information on TimTam’s website but as it has a removable battery you should be good with carrying it in your cabin luggage.


From Hyperice –

Yep! All units are TSA approved, just make sure it is in your carry on.


Couldn’t find any specific information but again you should have in your carry on luggage not checked in.


No specific information but follow TSA and CAA guidelines and pack in your hand luggage.

Can You Get through Security and Fly With An Electric Heating Pad?

From TSA Guidelines

Heating Pads (Electric)

Carry On Bags: Yes

Checked Bags: Yes

can you bring an electric heating pad in your carry on

Yes you can…. except if the massage pockets have gel in them which is obviously liquid so no you can’t take a heating pad through security and onto the plane if you have a massage pad like this. If your heated massage pad has rollers then yes you should be fine.

Can You Use An Electric Heating Pad On A Plane?

This will be up to the individual airline but yes you can use an electric heated blanket such as this one or a heated pad for your back such as this one.

Can I pack a heating pad in my checked luggage

Yes as long as it is not gel filled though it will still be up to the individual security staff on duty to make the decision and you can’t argue with them!

Can I fly with a massage table?

This depends… how big your massage table is, how heavy it is and if the individual airline will accept it. If it is a fold up table such as this light weight one you may be able to book it in as oversized luggage. You should contact your airline which may advise you have your table sent as cargo on your flight. There will obviously be a charge for this and each airline will have its own costing.

Can I take a massage table on the plane traveling overseas?

You will not be able to take the massage table into the cabin but you could have it in the hold either as oversized luggage or as cargo.

can you bring back massager on plane

Yes you can as long as it is in your hand luggage or you have removed the batteries and have them in your carry on.

Can I bring a personal massager on the plane?

Yes you can take your toys with you on a plane … you may need to remove the batteries and if its a rechargeable massager… let it run down so it doesn’t inadvertently switch on whilst in your bag… that could be embarrassing!