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It can be confusing if not a little scary to start looking at these sophisticated pieces of furniture.

It’s a big investment and if you chose the wrong chair for your needs and lifestyle.. it can be a very expensive mistake!

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My own research when I was looking to buy a massage chair led me to create this site – to share the knowledge! Looking through all the review sites online takes hours and not all are equal!

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Foot Massagers

I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and aching muscles due to long hours on my feet working as a nurse.

So, I have done extensive research on curing PF as it is a debilitating condition… especially if you spend lots of hours on your feet!

Electric foot massagers range from reflexology plates to full boots. They give your whole foot and ankles a super massage!

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Handheld Massagers

I bought my first handheld massager years ago to help with tight shoulder muscles.

The technology has obviously progressed over the years so now you have a vast number of handheld machines to choose from.

Handheld Percussion Massagers are great for a deep tissue massage or just to get rid of knots in major muscle groups.

Massage Tables

My daughter is a qualified massage therapist so when we were looking for a portable massage table – we looked at lots of them!

Some say they are portable but only if you are super strong!

Head and Shoulder Massagers

Head and shoulder massagers are great to use at the end of a long day. They relieve stress in your shoulders and neck. Some have added heat setting to penetrate deep into your tired and tense muscles.

Head massagers can range from a simple wire head and scalp scratcher to a full helmet or even an eye massager.

Massage Cushions

If the price of a full body chair is too much for your budget, you could try a cushion or pad.

They can be easily placed onto any chair and give you a relaxing massage for relatively little money.

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TENS Units

Many women in labor have used Tens machines to ease their pain. But Tens machines are much more sophisticated and versatile than in days gone by.

They can be used to stimulate the muscles without any effort on your part.

Foot Spas

Soaking your feet in a warm bubbly foot spa at the end of the day is heaven!

There are many models that incorporate massage with hydro therapy to induce relaxation and a holistic feeling of well-being.

Please contact me using the Contact Form if you would like me to review a specific product.

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